A quick and easy Mothers Day card with limited supplies!

Mother's Day Card finished

For my first post I thought you would all enjoy a quick card, maybe for those who forgot about Sunday or beginners who would like something simple to try!

For this project you will need:

-Card (folded or can be folded by yourself)

patterned paper, two sheets of your choice

-Something to write the sentiment, I chose stickers as I believed that is what looked best on the card you can use  stamps or just a pen if you wish

-Shape cutter of your choice

– Pencil, Scissors, Ruler, Glue

For the first step, take the patterned paper which you wish to be the background, I chose a blue floral piece from, ‘Complete Boy’ by Jen Wilson, My Mind’s Eye. I chose paper for this as it is easier to cut by hand with scissors in my opinion. You can use what you have which you like. I turned the paper onto the back and traced around my card, this made it easier to measure to leave exactly 1cm from the  edge of the card.

Mothers Day Card drawing guidelines

Next, I chose my second piece of patterned paper, however I chose card for this, it is a pink and lemon pinstripe from the collection, ‘Sweet Paris’ by Dovecraft. With this paper I used the shape cutter to first cut with the paper patterned side up, 9 birds and then patterned side down, 9 birds so that I could have them flying in opposite directions.

Shape cutter on patterned card

I then arranged the birds onto the card being careful not to be too precise with how I did it and stuck them down with prit-stick when I was happy. I then stuck the blue patterned paper to the card, I eyeballed this as It was quite easy to do.

sticking on the birds

I then chose the stickers in order to write the sentiment, I chose the Hobbycraft, ‘Mini Alphabet Stickers’ in black. I used a ruler which is a trick I learnt from a fellow crafter on the internet so the bottom of the stickers would line up **I little trick for those who are left-handed, if you start from the end of the word, it is x1000 easier!** and then pressed them down onto the paper when I was happy with the placement.

 Mothers Day Card ruler to place stickers

This card took me about 15 minutes to complete including picking the paper and supplies I wished to use! Please leave me a comment if you like this idea or have any constructive criticism..!


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